Do not write experience to write feelings, and today I just want to talk about in my eyes more than the soul move "Mazda" thing, but also small series from the beginning of the car, all the way to the present story - from the rotor engine to the creation Chi blue sky. In fact, Xiao Bian grew up on a soft spot for Mazda, still remember the beginning of 2000 when the horse just to introduce China, each horse on the road to see the horse can always chase a run to see, that is my dream Car. Later, is the "Initial D" Takahashi cool to open the Mazda RX-7 FC3S, and then later on the road is met by the RX-8, then think this car fast, and then go back to check, 1.3L Renesis double rotor engine. Since then, the name "rotor engine" has been printed on my mind, and more and more attention has been given to Mazda. In the 1991 Le Mans 24-hour rally, Mazdas "Mazda 787B" The rotor with extraordinary stability in one fell swoop won the first, third and eighth, became the first to win the French Le Mans 24-hour endurance race rotor engine models, at the same time, Mazda has also become the only access to this award Of Asian carmakers. In addition, Mazda rotor engine models in Japan and the United States also endurance race IMSA (International Motor Sports Association) series won more than 100 times, respectively, and achieved a brilliant record.